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"Gloria Gracida Martinez was sent to the fields...when she was just 10 years old... 'I remember a heavy bucket of tomatoes, sometimes of cucumbers, and I remember being on my hands and knees in the dirt picking strawberries. I remember seeing other children, too. But something that really changed my life is when I saw an elderly person and it struck me. I wonder if he had spent his entire life in the fields?' she asked." (Continued)

How to Prepare for a Protest

Depaul pr Writing

"Passion is one thing; preparation is another. If you’re interested in organizing a march or demonstration, consider the following list of roles to recruit for. Other guides and resources may help you plan your protest more generally. At this point in your process, you should have made basic decisions like the theme of your demonstration, the target.. and so on. Here are some nitty-gritty details to go over, well before the actual protest kicks off..." (Continued)

Riahi and the Written Word

14East magazine

"Behnam Riahi’s cornflower blue dress shirt pairs well with black pants and a vest. Rimless glasses rest on his face. A gray tie with white polka dots and wingtip shoes, the color of the iced coffee he is just finishing up, brings together a professional look." (Continued)

 A Q&A interview with Pam Rose, co-owner of Swirlz Cupcakes

Gagen MacDonald

Interview with a Chicago business leader as the final project for Professor Ron Culp's Leadership 2.0 course, in partnership with Gagen MacDonald's Let Go & Lead series.

Review of “Bridging the Gap: Activism & Public Relations”

DePaul Research Methods

"Erica L. Ciszek’s article, “Bridging the gap: Mapping the relationship between activism and public relations,” was published in Public Relations Review during the spring of 2015. The piece is theoretical and critical in nature and represents a secondary data analysis through an extended literature review and synthesis. Ciszek challenges assumptions about the divides between PR and activism and, ultimately, proposes a model – the cultural-economic model – to help bridge the gap." (Continued)

Robin DiAngelo's "What Does It Mean To Be White? Developing White Racial Literacy"

Chapter 15: Racism and Specific Racial Groups

Section: White Racism and People of Arab or Muslim Heritage (with Sameerah Ahmad) pages 279-281.

Student Labor Week of Action Hits the Streets

Labor Notes

..."Organizers in the Purdue Organization for Labor Equality held a call-in to Indiana senators, while others wrote letters supporting EFCA. Since 2000, the student sweat-free campaign at Purdue has gained national attention. An 11-day hunger strike forced the school to sign codes of conduct and take part in the Workers Rights Consortium... In 2006 students locked themselves together in the president’s office, demanding he sign the DSP. The administration threatened to suspend everyone, so students held a press conference and escalated the fight with a 27-day hunger strike." (Continued)

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