A short biography about me, my work and, my interests.

Hello, I'm Sameerah Hosam Ahmad

sameerah dc.png

As an advocate for social and economic justice I have been responsible for a vast array of duties. Leadership development and the creation and implementation of strategic campaigns have consistently been important aspects of my work.

My journey thus far has brought me to DePaul University's Public Relations & Advertising M.A. program, which has strengthened my skills in strategic communication, research, data analysis, writing, storytelling, and critical and creative thinking. At the root of transforming individuals and society is the ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences -- only then can you encourage action and foster a sustainable commitment to your efforts. I am currently self-employed as a strategic communications consultant.

I identify as a queer woman of color from a working class Muslim family. One of my favorite hobbies is capturing the beautiful plant-life Chicago has to offer with my phone's camera. I took all of the pictures featured on my main page. Thank you for your time and interest and please feel free to reach out to me!


Many thanks to all of my DePaul University PRAD professors: Ron Culp, Maria De Moya, Marshall Goldman, Yeuseung Kim, Ken Krimstein, Jim Motzer, Matt Ragas, and Jill Stewart. I learned so much and was challenged by each and every one of you. Thank you to journalism professor Amy Merrick for encouraging me to publish my work and helping me stay patient throughout the process. A big thank you goes to Lynn Miller and all of DePaul's wonderful staff. Lynn's support and professionalism was crucial to my academic success. Thank you to all of my peers, who enhanced my learning experience, and thanks to P.T. for motivating me to apply to the PRAD program in the first place. Thank you to Lé Thompson for helping me with this website. Finally, much love and gratitude to my family and friends who continue to believe in me. 

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